Candy headache

So the place where I work sells furniture. And I didn’t realize this, but all of the people whose furniture we sell apparently send gift baskets to their reps every year–like big, huge, chocolatey gift baskets, and the reps share them with their whole floor. So over the last three days or so, I have consumed at least:


I don’t even know if you guys can read that, but I don’t caaaare because I’m kind of tweaking on the lemonheads that I got to supplement the work candy because my body has gotten used to a certain sustained level of sugar. I also ate peppermint bark at one christmas party, fudge and a molasses cookie at another, and also drank sweet mulled wine that made my teeth feel gross for hours.

I’d say that of all of the holiday type things I’ve consumed so far, none of it has really knocked my socks off. Gotta hate eating disappointing truffles. But you do need to eat at least three, because what if the next one is the good one?? You’ll never know if you don’t try!


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