So I’ve been reading one of my all-time favorite books from high school, Don DeLillo’s White Noise, and I am gratified that it remains one of my all-times. But I’m reading my sister’s copy of the book, complete with her (utterly unreadable) high school notes in the margins, and I stumbled across a gorgeous piece of ABBY HOWARD ORIGINAL ART that I had to SHARE WITH YOU ALL:


(Do you remember the Nanerpus commercial? Google it. It had a formative effect on Abby during her teen years.)

(Wait, did you guys know my sister is famous? She is so famis: Junior Scientist Power Hour)


One thought on “Nanerpus!

  1. Margin-drawings can sometimes be magnificent things… or horrifying. This is magnificent.

    Also I remember you talking about Abby when we were at Gtown and when I saw her on Strip Search, I recognized the face/name and wondered “Could it be…” yup.

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