Snow Day Reading

Hey guys!

It is snowing like a motherfucker outside right now, and I’m not ashamed to say that my ass has been entirely indoors. I’m pretty sure that little skinny past me, living in North Carolina, would be shocked, SHOCKED to learn that not only have I not made a snowman, but I really have no desire to even walk in falling snow (like a true princess).

Instead, I’ve been sitting in my toasty apartment on my king-sized bed with my boyfriend, my cat, and a hard cider, chowing down on half-priced Christmas candy and watching Chopped. I can pretty much feel myself gaining weight, but I feel awesome. Come join the party, extra pounds! It’s warm and dry in here!

But you know what staying indoors while the storm rageth outside has really put me in the mood for? Mysteries. The supernaturaller the better.

Jinkies, a clue, etc. Just so we’re clear that I’m not a Daphne. Also, like my cardboard magnifying glass? Dedication.

And just in time, I found Bad Machinery.

It checks all the boxes, guys. Quirky and interesting teens? Adorable and hilarious Britishisms? Crazy scary monsters? Excellent art? Suspense? There’s a lot of it, too; I’m still working my way back through the ‘cases,’ and I hope they never end. Also, it actually made me feel nostalgic for teenagerhood, which, let’s be real, is just the worst time you can have.


I would highly recommend this webcomic for those days when you’ve already read every Agatha Christie in the house, the snow is thick on the ground, your hot chocolate is steaming and they’d have to drag you out there by your hair.



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