Oh hey look who’s back!

I am officially something the cat dragged in, but I just had to share because I’m reading this book.

Say goodbye to your peace of mind.

I’m reading this book about cod right now. This is how I’m introducing myself to people this week. Hello, I am reading a book about cod. Would you like to hear about them? It’s pretty fucked up.

I feel like a vegan doomsday prepper. The ecology of the oceans is collapsing and we are absolutely going to get sucked into that vortex and the ocean will become a huge, barren, salty wasteland, and our children will know nothing of fish. There is no silver lining; the era of big fish has simply ended. They are like woolly mammoths.

We killed them–basically all of them–and we did it for fish sticks.

You know where this train of thought takes me? I takes me on an express route to Why-Even-Have-Kids land. Why even? My kids are almost certainly, in my mind, going to have water rations, unbreathable air, food that tastes like nothing, plus (if they’re lucky) a worthless and expensive education, and I just know for sure that they will do drugs. Wouldn’t you?

This book takes me straight from cod recipes to my future kids shooting up under an abandoned plasma warehouse.

That being said, I think everyone should read it. Do you ever think that maybe if people spent more time envisioning their offspring selling their bodies to pay for black market penicillin, the world would be a better place? That’s my motto.

I found this book for $2.00 at a Goodwill (btw, don’t shop at goodwill, the guy who runs it is supposed to be a creep or something, I glanced at an article about it) and had read 79 pages of it by the time I got off the train. It is compelling as heck. I highly recommend it as a book that will reinforce your belief, if you’re a healthy atheist liberal like me, that the world is already in the handbasket and on the hellevator.

Brb, going to go stockpile my bunker. (Also, maybe I will draw something soon? I don’t know, Sam is in Las Vegas so I mean what else am I going to do.)


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