Exciting mail!

AT LAST. Last week, my copy of Lisa Hanawalt’s latest eensy weensy zine, Sell Your Boobs, arrived.

It’s just about the size of my face.

THEY’RE ALL SOLD OUT BITCHES. But never fear, at her website here she says she’ll be printing more later in the month.
LOOK! She even wrote on the envelope! Adorbs.

If your question now is not ‘how do I drive to your house and steal it’ but ‘who the goshdarn heck is Lisa Hanawalt,’ don’t worry about it, I’m cooler than you is all.

But because really honestly I’m NOT a hipster but a shameless evangelizer (I guess I’m one of those people who discovers the thing and helps to ruin it? I’m a ruiner), Lisa Hanawalt is a Brooklyn-based, Ignatz-award-winning, New-York-Times-appearing artist who deserves your utmost praise and adoration, basically. Her website is this and her new best friend is you.


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