So I’m discovering that working for a comic book company has so far made me absolutely not want to draw comics. But please enjoy these German slang lessons from two years ago when I was living in Berlin, working for a PR firm, and drew six comics a day.





4 thoughts on “Reruns

  1. Maybe it’s just me who thinks it’s ironic that your comic book company job has made you detest drawing comics?
    And I’ll be sure to use these words when I’m interning in Berlin, lol.

    1. I think it makes sense. You should draw comics about the stuff you see in normal world life. For example, my boss has this absurd stache and beard that I really wish you could draw, and he’s this big civil rights lawyer he’d be a great comic character

      1. I think it’s that I’m surrounded by awesome comics all day. It’s just like working at a pizza restaurant–you don’t come home from your job at the pizza place and go, I think I’ll make a pizza. At least I didn’t when I worked at a pizza restaurant. Or how now movie popcorn tastes like cardboard nothing to me because I ate it six days a week at my movie theater job. So many ruined foods 😦

  2. YES! I have heard from many other comic artists as well that they prefer to hold a day job that is unrelated to comics/creative things so that they have their right-brain powr/motivation intact when work ends.

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