My little heart just can’t take it.

What with my brand-new (to me) bike getting a flat on the first commute, getting lost on the way to work this morning, eating nothing but a granola bar for lunch, seeing my sister for the first time in a year, and my first day at what may be the coolest job that I will ever have combined with the terror that this (unpaid!) position will somehow be taken from me AND the beginning of the longest time I’ll be apart from Sam in two years, I am a little upset. Not to mention everyone fucking speaks French up here, who knew?


BUT I WILL SOLDIER THROUGH. Unless they ask me to do something really basic in Photoshop tomorrow and I flub it through a haze of fear-tears.


3 thoughts on “My little heart just can’t take it.

      1. Comic book company!?! Jelly!
        I’m in Paris right now, doing my study abroad, and then after six weeks I’m off to Germany for a month doing random homestays on farms and stuff.
        Glad you’re doing comics again, they are always amusing ^^

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